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Talk with pictograms for autism and more

Pictalk helps people with physical or mental condition communicate with the help of pictograms and pictures. It can be: Autism, Down Syndrome, apraxia, stroke and others

Build infinite and custom pictogram collections

Communicate and tune your own voice

Collaborate and share your collections

Access your account from anywhere

Compatible with any device

Free and open-source

They use Pictalk 😎
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Image showing two people talking. One with Pictalk, the other by talkingImage showing two people talking. One with Pictalk, the other by talking
Pictalk is great at real time applications: It can speak out loud a sentence composed by several pictograms. Because it was designed with ergonomy in mind, it is quite easy to make sentences on the fly.
Sample image of a copied sentenceSample image of a copied sentence
Because messaging is becoming as important as talking, Pictalk allows to you to copy the pictograms and the sentence and send them in your favourite messaging applications.

What is Pictalk ?

Pictalk is a free and open-source application that aims to offer a simple way of speaking to the non-verbal people.

How it works

Pictalk uses augmentative and alternative communication systems such as the ones provided by the ARASAAC non-profit organization, but also photos and converts them into out loud speech. Pictalk is made for individuals but also for families and community life because the collections can be shared across devices, users and user groups. Pictalk uses Text-To-Speech voices that are natively present on your device to pronounce the constructed sentences.

Why Pictalk ?

The adventure started back in 2019 with my studies of Telecommunication engineering. The idea to create a simple application to help my non-verbal little brother was an evidence. The first version of Pictalk appeared and I was awarded a price for it. When my other brother joined the engineering school, he wanted to be part of this heartfelt project. Now, we're a team of two yound developers behind Pictalk and we're as motivated as ever to make speech a fundamental right.

Open Source and Free

All of the code is open sourced on Github . You can of course contribute or share ideas and upgrades. Because we really want everyone to have a chance to communicate, PicTalk is free and I will try to grant users as much storage space as they need. Unfortunately, We're just two students and can't spend too much money on servers if PicTalk user base grows. That's why, if you are using PicTalk and like it, feel free to donate please. Thank You!

PicTalk by Pictalk Speech Made Easy . The source code is licensed GNU. Also, if you need, take a look at the terms of use and the privacy policy. PicTalk is a project backed by: