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Photo of Alexandros
President and founder of the Pictalk organization.
Photo of Adri
Hi, I'm madly in love with web development and I want my little brother to talk 🔥💯
Photo of Clement
I really wanted to join the Pictalk adventure and I'm happy to be able to contribute to it today.
Photo of Guillemine
Hello there ! I'm a developper for Pictalk, and I'm currently working on new ideas for the future


How to contribute

You are a developer and want to help out ?
two people lifting the earth
If you are a developper and want to help us out ? Go to our Github page and pick an issue ! Clone our repo and do a pull request once the code is complete. You can also create an issue if you want to make a suggestion.

You are a health professional and want to help out ?
two people lifting the earth
You have communication learning skills or work in the health care system ? You can suggest modifications or improvements of Pictalk. You can also help us by working on the 'Public' collections.
Contribution guide:
You are a user or a parent and you want to help ?
two people lifting the earth
Talk about Pictalk around you and give us some visibility ! You can of course suggest modifications and help us financialy. You can also help us translate the application languages. The translations are mostly automated and they may be incorrect. Everyone is welcomed to correct or add another language to Pictalk.


PicTalk by Pictalk Speech Made Easy . The source code is licensed GNU. Also, if you need, take a look at the terms of use and the privacy policy. PicTalk is a project backed by: