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Donation Usage

drawing of servers to illustrate the costs of running Pictalk application
Informatics: Free thanks to
Hosting of the Pictalk website
drawing of a bank, to illustrate the fees Pictalk pays to have an open bank account and be able to receive donations
Bank and insurance: 15€
Mandatory if we want to run our non-profit organization.
drawing of a folder with various items, illustrating the fact that we have other fees to pay, such as domain name etc
Other: 8€
Domain name, Security and other ponctual services

If we would have more money we could...

drawing of woman teaching letters to a child
Pay an orthophonist to help us build the public collections. Public collections are an essential entry point to new users. Having nice and numerous bundles of pictograms will help new users start using Pictalk and will inspire them.
drawing of a person working with a computer
Hire a developper in order to relieve the pressure put on our small team and to improve Pictalk. One person more could help us presenting Pictalk to new establishements and to accompany new users.

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