The autonomy of people with dys or other neurodevelopmental disorders
The autonomy of people with dys or other neurodevelopmental disorders

A Step Towards Autonomy

Our little brother Pablo likes to know what he will be doing during his days, his medical appointments, and his departure for vacation.

A clear schedule reduces his anxiety and prepares him for upcoming events. The only issue is that his weekly planner is not portable and not easily modifiable.

For almost a year, we have been working on an application that allows him to easily check his schedule.

We want to help him perform tasks independently, like brushing his teeth, for instance.

Now 18 years old, we want Pablo to gain autonomy and eventually be able to work.

We are proud to present Agenda CAA.

 (Apple iPhone and iPad):

(Android, Samsung, etc.):


Roadmap Agenda Caa (1000 X 1000 Px)

Coming in 2024

Summer 2024

A sequencer is a very useful tool for accomplishing tasks autonomously, whether in daily life or professionally. Sequences are often linked to specific times of the day, making them perfect for integration into Agenda CAA.
Currently, Agenda CAA sends a single notification at the beginning of an event, which is not optimal. Like traditional agendas, it would be preferable to receive multiple notifications before the event.

Fall 2024

Professionals already use calendars like Outlook, Google Calendar... Why not integrate them into our application?
The aim of Agenda CAA is to offer an interface that makes content accessible to everyone! This will allow for considerable time savings.
But, tell me Fred, how can educators or professionals in facilities accommodating dozens of individuals daily benefit from this?
You will agree that they will appreciate the possibility of managing multiple calendars and having shared events.

Winter 2024

(Shh confidential)

Spring 2025

The sun is starting to shake off its winter slumber... Trees and plants are budding, and now you can add videos and music to your sequences and events... What joy! 

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