Autonomy for Everyone

Agenda CAA is a weekly planner application for people with a disability that makes them more anxious and less independent during the day

Presentation of Agenda AAC

We are proud to present Agenda CAA, our accessible calendar application which is the ideal tool for working on the autonomy and anxiety of people with disabilities.

Developing a routine to be autonomous

Not knowing the schedule is a source of stress. Agenda CAA is an innovative solution designed to better structure the day and week. The application promotes the establishment of a routine and encourages tasks to be carried out independently, such as brushing teeth.



Heading towards Autonomy

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Reduction of Anxiety

CAA Agenda is based on advanced studies in digital technologies for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), enriched by the expertise of a dedicated community. This collaboration creates an accessible agenda, CAA Agenda, designed to effectively structure the day and reduce anxiety, thus precisely meeting the expectations of its users.

An innovative and unique application

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