Pictalk with CAA pictograms

Pictalk is an assistive communication application for people with disabilities that prevent them from speaking, reading or writing normally.

Pictalk App Screenshot

A step towards autonomy

Pictalk AAC
  • Making yourself easily understood, expressing your frustrations and desires
  • Develop a language, work on communication to be able to develop it
  • Expressing ourselves with freedom, being able to communicate around subjects that interest us
  • Adapt to the vocabulary, talk about the activities that are going on at the moment

Learning to communicate with pictograms

Pictalk is based on in-depth scientific research in the field of Ameliorative and Alternative Communication (AAC) using digital technologies. This collaborative effort spans several years, and benefits from the expertise and feedback of a committed community. This synergy between the various players has enabled Pictalk to establish itself as a relevant and effective tool in the digital AAC landscape, responding to the specific needs of its users.

A customizable and complete application

Pictalk AAC
  • Create a customized communication binder
  • Works offline and online
  • Choose your voice and accent
  • No limit to the creation of pictograms
  • Collaborate and share your pictograms
  • Compatible on smartphone, tablet, and computer
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