How to install synthetic voices?
How to install synthetic voices?

How to install synthetic voices?

The applications Pictalk, Agenda, and CAA Facile are cross-platform and work through your internet browser. The synthesis voices are managed by your operating system, such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. For security reasons, we cannot install voices on your behalf. Here is an article that shows you how to install them


Some Android devices come without any synthesis voices.

Installing voices on Samsung device

Link to the application to install:

Once the application is installed, go to your settings:

Samsung tablet settings

Click on "Speech synthesis output":

Tablet settings

You should see this screen:

Speech synthesis settings

Here are the settings to check:

  • The chosen language is French or the language of your choice
  • You are satisfied with the speed and tone
  • Click on "Listen" and verify that it works correctly

If the default language is not your choice, click on the "Language" button and search for your language. If you can't find it, continue with the tutorial.

Languages menu

If the language or voice doesn't suit you

Click on the gear icon to customize. You should see this screen:

Local synthesis settings

Check if your language is in the list. If it is not, click on: "Install voice data" and select your language.

For other Android devices

In your settings, look for something similar to "synthesis" or "voice" to access the speech synthesis settings. You should have a screen similar to this one.

Configured speech synthesis settings with Google

Note that the "Preferred engine" is Google. Check that the language is the one you want.

If you don't have the language

Click on the gear icon. You should see this menu:

Google speech synthesis menu

Click on "Install voice data" to then search for your language. In our case, we searched for "French":

Search for French in Google menu

Installation of free voices

Link to the application to install: