Arrival of sequences in CAA Agenda
Arrival of sequences in CAA Agenda

A portable storyboard

AAC Agenda is already enjoying a nice update. Hear ye, hear ye, here are the sequences. Storyboards are an essential tool for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD). This can be for disorders like autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, and other disabilities that affect autonomy. The sequences show the steps to follow to brush teeth, for example, or set the table. Here is an example provided by ARASAAC.

Toothbrushing Routines

Storyboard for "brushing teeth" made available by ARASAAC

Storyboards contribute to better autonomy and help in carrying out tasks independently. We understood very early with Pablo, our little brother with Down syndrome, that combining sequences with his agenda is essential. Indeed, sequences are contextual and can depend on a place or a time of day. 

AAC Agenda now includes sequences that can be placed in events. In the "eating" event, you can combine it with the "wash hands" sequence and the "set the table" sequence. Once completed, the sequence appears as validated.


It is also possible to view sequences independently from the agenda event:


We hope that the sequences will help you in your caregiving work and improve the autonomy of the individuals you support. 

So? What do you think of the sequences in the application? Share your opinion on our social media or via e-mail!